Norway Spruce Project

Norway Spruce Seedling Planting Instructions

  1. With hand trowel or shovel cut grass away to create a planting hole. (Minimum 12” diameter.)
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  3.  Don’t waste any of the existing topsoil. Shake loose dirt off grass back into the hole.
  4. Loosen dirt to approximately 3”-4” deep.
  5. Take tree out of bag and inspect root system make sure roots are not wrapped around each other and can be planted in a radial pattern.
  6. Pour remaining dirt from bag into planting hole.
  7. Mix thoroughly.
  8. With hand or trowel pull loosened soil away making the hole approximately 2”-3” deep.
  9. Identify the trees root flare. The root flare is the area where the roots meet the main stem. This is a very important part of the tree and should remain above ground.
  10. Set tree carefully in the hole, again making sure roots are pointing outward, and the root flare is above the ground.
  11. Gently put soil around roots.
  12. Lightly and carefully pack soil around tree.
  13. Again, (Very Important) make sure the flare is as close to the surface as possible.
  14. Water the tree thoroughly. Use common sense, too much water is worse than not enough water.
  15. Notice, in this picture the tree has developed multiple stems. It is important for the tree to have only one main stem.
  16. With hand snips or scissors, cut off any unwanted upright growing branches, keeping laterally growing branches intact.
  17. Note one main stem with lateral branches.
  18. Very lightly mulch area. 1” thick is plenty for a tree this size. Keep mulch AWAY from main stem. Keep soil cool and damp.
  19. A Happy Tree
  20. Too much water depletes the tree of oxygen and will cause a chlorotic (Yellowing) appearance. Not enough water will show up as a dry brittle appearance.

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